Version History

01/05/09 v1.0 FINAL

  • Improvement: It's now possible to generate Superglus (GLULX) targets.
  • Improvement: more efficient processes entries storing in memory. Lower memory consumption of the synonym expressions
  • Improvement: it is possible to define words of any size. The compiler will trim them based on the target platform (PAW or Superglus), notyfiyng when a cut out word would generate an unintended repetition (as in NOTEPAD/NOTEPAPER)
  • Fixed: Error message "invalid word type" if the word at the wORDS statement of the object definition was in a different case than the vocabulary definition. This is not an error so it's been fixed.
  • Fixed: the number of messages, system messages and objects in PAW is 255, not 256 as was erroneously allowed.

18/03/09 v1 RC4

  • Improvement: it is possible to use synonym for processes/response entries, as well as in condition condacts. Expressions of the type "USE LAMP|SWITCH LAMP: AT CELLAR|AT BASEMENT MESSAGE xxx" are now allowed.
  • Improvement: documentation is now in PDF format.
  • Fixed: lock up when defining a process with a name in a different case than the declaration.

02/03/09 v1 RC3

  • Improvement: Optimized compression algorithm: now it compresses up to 7% more.
  • Fixed: weird error, sometimes not findind the correct message when defining inside condacts MESSAGE/SYSMESS/MES.
  • Fixed: now it's not allowed to assign CARRIED or WORN as locations in condacts that accepts LOCNO parameter (only in LOCNO+). Clearer error messages when this happens.
  • Fixed: strange error when putting an include at the end of a file, not followed by a semicolon.
  • Fixed: now it's possible to put bracketed ASCII codes as substitution character index in SUBCHAR blocks, as well as the character \ (that must be typed as "\\")
  • Fixed: minimum system messages that must be defined for the CPC and PC version is 61 (0-60), not 60.

20/02/09 v 1 RC2

  • Improvement: english manual available, translated by Carlos Sánchez.
  • Improvement: provided skeleton source file to create your new adventures. It's located at the "demo" directory and it's named new-eng.paw.
  • Improvement: basic mechanism of conditional compilation: added #IFDEF, #IFNDEF and #DEFINE directives, as well as predefined variables to test the hardware it's compiling to (Spectrum, PC or CPC)
  • Improvement: Linux-i386 version binaries available.
  • Improvement: possibility of compiling to PAW-PC / PAW-CPM(Amstrad CPC) .SCE source file format. If your are trying to port Spectrum adventures to PC or CPC, it's possible, but don't expect miracles.
  • Fixed: several tests in relation to data blocks (CHARACTERS and GRAPHICS) are made to prevent inconsistencies.
  • Fixed: lock up when trying to compile an adventure without CHARACTERS block. Now it is mandatory (only for Spectrum target), otherwise the compiler notifies about suspending the compilation process.
  • Fixed: every flag not defined was considered as flag 0 instead of producing a compile time error.
  • Fixed: error messages produced by condact parameters didn't include the file name.

14/02/09 v 1 RC1

  • First version of the tool.